See how John, managing director of ABC Corporation uses Set-it daily to integrate his
objectives in line with what he is trying to achieve and monitor the performance thereof.



Set-it was specifically developed to drive organisational performance and provide users with what they needed in order to turn
plans into action. Set-it supports the way your employees work and enhances the way they collaboratively contribute to
the success of your organisation’s objectives in a continuously changing business environment.

What Set-it will assist with


Bridge the gap between the management level and operational level by ensuring all objectives in your organisation are aligned and actively contributing to what your organisation is trying to achieve. Take objectives from formulation to execution.


Quickly and easily monitor objectives and individual performance, which allows you to manage by exception and focus on high-priority objectives.



Any potential failure or objective concern, you will be the first to know. Concentrate on growing your organisation and achieving phenomenal results.




design; set it; integrate and our approach


Implementation and pricing

Get started today with no risk or IT involvement. Software as a service offers numerous
advantages and is the reason why it is the preferred choice by our customers. No hardware
to buy, or software to be approved. Set-it is hosted by Sciam, allowing for continual updates,
safe and secure data management, and online support for the application.



On Site

Prefer to host Set-it on site? Contact us and we will send a proposal through with specific
pricing details concerning the Set-it software and maintenance fees for upgrades.